You Don’t Have To Be Afraid To Put Your Dream In Action

Hi, my name is Beth Stephenson and I’m from Lincoln, Rhode Island.  I am a wife and mother of two great kids. I used to teach high school English and ESL in my former life before children and I loved it.  After they were born, I really wanted to stay home with them to see them reach all their milestones.  But, now they are a little more self-sufficient.  I feel like it is my time now to find something that’s just mine-no one else’s. I applied to and went to law school last fall for a month.  I loved it but, as husbands sometimes do, mine let me down in the sense that he could not handle watching the kids while I went to class and studied. I had to withdraw but the need inside of me to have something of my own never went away.  So, I started thinking.  What if people could shop an online garage sale from the comfort of their own home?  What if they didn’t have to worry about driving to who knows where to find crappy stuff and lug it bag to their car?  What if they could browse unique, quality items at affordable prices?  So, I opened My Upscale Garage Sale on Goodsie yesterday.  First, let me say MUCH respect to people who start and run their own business–it is so incredibly hard. Second, it takes so, so long to add products to a site.  But, I am feverishly adding items to every category every day so there is always something new to choose from.  I suppose I could just buy a bunch of stuff wholesale and sell a hundred of each thing, but then I’m just like everyone else.  You will find most of my items only have a quantity of one.  I LOVE to shop, so I am constantly looking for one of a kind, unique items in many categories to bring to my customers.  It’s a new site with only about a hundred items, but I add new things every day (oh, yeah, and raise two kids, too)!  Who knows, if it takes off I may be able to have my own brick and mortar store someday…..let’s not get crazy:) Until then, I will keep you posted on this new(and scary)venture of mine and also my crazy life as  a wife and mother.  My address is  We are also on Facebook at My Upscale Garage Sale.  Happy Shopping 🙂


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