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I volunteer at my children’s school and it is so refreshing. Children have a way of putting your life in perspective that you could never do on your own.
I volunteer with reading assessment in my son’s second grade classroom. The kids are doing so well and it is encouraging to watch their progress from week to week. Each of them is becoming a fluent reader. It’s a fantastic experience and I’m so glad to be a part of it.
My daughter’s class is working on a huge project in art class. They are creating animals out of milk jugs, egg cartons, newspaper, and toilet paper rolls. They will add masking tape and paint to complete their projects. The teacher showed us a few projects from last year and they are spectacular. It is so wonderful to walk into controlled chaos and “good” noise going on in class. Each child is engrossed in her project and it shows. Moms are there to help with cutting and placement of eyes and ears and whatever else is necessary to help the kids along.
I am most glad, however, to be engaged in my own children’s educational experience. I am fortunate to be able to be involved in both of their classes. I think it is going to make a big difference–especially in our current situation. The most important thing is that they know that I love them and I am there for them. They know that already, but seeing Mom in class reinforces that knowledge and that is important right now. Plus, I get the added benefit of helping kids and feeling some kind of fulfillment in my life.