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Grayson with the "7"

Grayson with the “7”

I went on a date the other night……with my son:) My husband took my daughter to the Father/Daughter dance at the school.
Father/Daughter Dance 2013

Father/Daughter Dance 2013

So, I asked Grayson what he wanted to do while they danced the night away. He told me he wanted to go bowling. We set out to bIowl and play games at around 5:45. When I tell you the next three hours literally flew by, I am not exaggerating! I had more fun with my son last night than I have had in a very long time. It felt good.
When we got to the bowling alley, there was a half hour wait for a lane. We decided to order pizza and nachos while we waited. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the food–it wasn’t bad at all. Our dinner coincided perfectly with the lane times. As soon as we finished eating, the buzzer went off letting us know our lane was ready. After we situated ourselves with the lane and the shoes, we got down to business. We had a lot of laughs on the lane–especially when I was afraid he wasn’t going to let his fingers go after he rolled the ball! Here was my son, my baby, giving me a kiss when I got a strike or spare, and hugging me after every turn. It’s been a long time since Grayson has acted that way because he feels like he’s too big now to kiss Mom or hold my hand in public. I was glad he let go a little.
When we finished bowling, we took a walk into the arcade. We played some old school arcade games, and he played a few new ones. He hit the jackpot for tickets three times so I knew he would get a great prize at the end. And, someone even “paid it forward.” Some guy came up to us and gave us all of his tickets (and there had to have been at least 200) plus his game card. He said there was still some money on it. After my son and I thanked him, we swiped the card–expecting to find a dollar or so–there was $6.00 left! My son enjoyed the rest of his time immensely and he got a really cool prize at the end.
We drove home, took care of Lola, and Grayson got into the shower. Right then, as if on cue, my husband pulled up with Olivia. They had a great time at the Father/Daughter dance. Olivia danced with her friends and her Dad, the guys tried to talk over “too loud” music, and a good time was had by all.
Our family was able to cap off the night relaxing on the couch and eating ice cream. It was one of those EXTREMELY rare nights where everything just falls into place–everything gels–the stars are aligned. All of us needed a night like that. And, at the bowling alley, a little slice of “old school” was contained inside the walls. And, my faith in humanity was restored–if ever so briefly–by a complete stranger.