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As you may know, I have been looking for space to open an upscale consignment shop for women in my town. I have dealt with some the most unscrupulous potential landlords you can possibly imagine. The experience has jaded my husband. Now, he insists we buy a piece of property–maybe a home that is zoned commercial. He hates the idea of having to pay anyone rent. He also hates people who play tricks and pull the rug out from under people. Maybe not all landlords are this way, but we have been fortunate to find out vital information before we signed leases on more than a couple of occasions. I am a little concerned about buying a place outright because what if my store fails? My husband’s response is that at least we have something to sell. Any lease hold improvements we make are ours and we don’t have to answer to anyone. He has always owned his own building and he doesn’t want to begin renting at this stage in his life. Even though we would not require a mortgage, I feel like it’s a huge responsibility. However, I understand and respect his opinion. I am posing the question to the business people out there. What do you think? Is it better to lease or buy?