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He Got Away!!!

He Got Away, Again!!!

My children have been trying to catch a leprechaun for years now. Every year they devise a trap to tempt the little guy with gold and trap him. They feel it is especially important because their dad’s birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day and they would be the coolest kids ever if they could catch him a leprechaun. Last year, the came very close.
Leprechaun Trap 2012

Leprechaun Trap 2012

The little bugger opened up all of drawers and re-arranged all the forks and spoons before taking the gold coin and leaving. But, he was almost caught. He was so small that he fit through a crack in the back door, but not before leaving some of his coat behind.
Some Of His Coat Got Stuck!!

Some Of His Coat Got Stuck!!

This year, my kids decided to make two traps. Olivia made an elaborate contraption in her room. She set it up beautifully to entice the leprechaun to take the various gold coins. In case he was too quick, Grayson decided to leave a trap on the counter. His trap consisted of a shoe box with a trap door. We cut a big rectangle in the shoe box and covered it with gold coins from Chuck. E. Cheese’s and other cool gold jewelry.
Olivia's Fancy Shmancy Trap

Olivia’s Fancy Shmancy Trap

Grayson's No Fail Trap Door  Contraption

Grayson’s No Fail Trap Door Contraption

They worked so long and thought so feverishly about a no fail way to trap this little leprechaun. They wanted to do it for Dad, but they also thought it would make the best show and tell ever! But, alas, the feisty little leprechaun was able to steal Olivia’s gold. He got greedy, though. He saw Grayson’s trap and tried to get those coins, too. He fell through the trap door. Those tiny creatures must be really strong, though, because the little stinker was able to free himself and escape. But, he wasn’t able to carry any of Grayson’s loot and he must have run out of time to be mischievous because all my drawers were exactly the way I left them last night. He tore part of his coat again, though. You can see it peeking through the trap door of Grayson’s invention at the top of the page. Oh, well, there’s always next year. Until then, Olivia and Grayson will be plotting new ways to finally capture that elusive little leprechaun for Daddy 🙂