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Lola doing what she does best...chewing:)

Lola doing what she does best…chewing:)

So, we have a Golden Doodle. Her name is Lola. (She’s not a showgirl) We’ve had her for three months now, although it seems much longer than that. She exhibits typical puppy behavior. We took her to puppy class.
Lola at graduation

Lola at graduation

It didn’t work. She still jumps. She still chews. She still pees every time someone new comes over. But, I’ve learned a thing or three since she’s been with us. I’ve learned about loneliness, loyalty, and love.
When you think about it, humans always have so much going on in their lives. We’re always going here, doing this, leaving the house for that. Even the kids have their own lives. They are at school, at practice, at a friend’s house. Even when we’re home, there’s homework to be done, laundry to be put away, dishes to wash. It’s easy to push the dog aside or give her a bone and tell her to go lay down. But, isn’t that what she did all day when we were out? What does she have besides us? I never really gave it too much thought before. Lola doesn’t have a job, or school, or friends to play with sometimes. She only has us. She waits for us to give her attention. She depends on us. We need to give her love and attention when we are home.
The concept is so easily translatable to humans. I immediately think of the elderly–in nursing homes or not– who are retired and have no one to talk to all day. They have no family close by, no friends to speak of, nothing to really occupy their time. It must be so lonely for them in this world. It reminds me that, in this country, we don’t do enough to help our elderly.
This dog barks if she hears someone get into their car from down the street. She is extremely protective of me and the children, in particular. She instinctively knows her job and will never falter to do that job. Even if she gets yelled at or put in time out because of her bad/puppy behavior, she is at your side the second she is released. She is a faithful companion and doesn’t care if you are fat, skinny, tall, short, pretty or ugly; she is there for you no matter what. My kids tease her to no end because they are kids. She does not hurt them–even though she could. She is still a puppy, but she’s huge and so are her teeth! She waits for them to stop, then she goes over and kisses them and waits for them to pet her and love her.
Observing this behavior reminds me that we could all be a little more loyal to each other. We could start with our own families. We should learn how to be quick to forgive and be loyal to one another instead of always trying to see where someone screwed us over and get them back for it.
We have only had this dog for a few months, but all of us, my husband included, love this dog to no end. He thinks I’m sleeping in the morning when he is getting ready for work. I’m not. I hear him kissing her and talking softly to her. I see him petting her and putting her on the bed when he leaves. My kids adore her, as I think all children love animals. I am attached to her because I am with her most of the time. I spend more time with Lola than I do with the rest of the family! And, she loves us all back. She just lays there and lets my husband pet her for as long as he wants in the morning. She gladly accepts the sloppy kisses from my kids and loves to play hide and seek or whatever they feel like doing. She is literally underneath my feet when I am home. I have tripped over her several times, trust me. She lays next to me, sits next to me, and follows me wherever I go in the house. She is a wonderful companion.
We all have people in our lives that we love on all different levels. These people, like us, all have their faults. If we could all love the special people in our lives inclusive of their quirks then I think life would progress on a smoother level. I could think of 10 things that irritate me about each member of my family–and they could do the same. Why, though? Why don’t we just try to focus on the reasons why we love each other and strengthen them. We would certainly live much happier lives.
Happy Shopping:)