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“Find a need and fill it.”
“Find something that’s not already being done and do it.”
“Create a niche business.”
“25 new small business ideas”(which turn out to be nonsense)
I know these aren’t your typical cliches, but I don’t know how much more of this crap I can stand. Really? Unless you are a genius, a computer engineer, or a Steve Jobs/Bill Gates type of person, it’s tough to come up with something that’s not already being done. Plus, I can get pretty much anything I want on Amazon. I can Google anything and have an answer immediately. I suppose if I were to provide a service(get your heads out of the gutter, people) like tutoring or consulting, it might generate some income. It’s getting sickening reading cliche after stupid cliche. And, it’s laughable that all these companies are coming out of the woodwork to tell me how great my site is and they are here to help it grow……blah, blah, blah…..for only a thousand dollars or some asinine fee. Oh, and I love the professional organizations that think you are just the greatest, a VIP, in fact, and they are including you in their new book and webpage and ……blah, blah, blah….. for five hundred dollars or some ridiculous amount of money. Yeah, no thanks, just send me my plaque and some non-helpful emails regarding the business world every now and then, thanks. I hate to be so cynical already, but I can see right from the beginning that there are opportunists disguised as legitimate businesses who truly want to help you. Yeah, and I have a bridge I want to sell you…….