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“A man should never neglect his family for business.” Walt Disney

I don’t know when he said this, but it is still so relevant today. And, in today’s world, “man” can and should also mean “woman”. Brace yourselves, here comes another shout out to my husband. “Two compliments in as many weeks, surely you jest,” you are thinking. I know, it is rare but I have to keep it real. As busy and hectic as Larry’s schedule is, he has never missed a game or a meet or an event for either child. He’s closed the office in record time to be with me at the ER with our kids and stayed overnight in the hospital with me when they were sick. He takes time to go on vacations and gets out early for plays and concerts and all things kid related. And, this relates to my journey, how?
Well, first, I’m Mom. My very first priority is to my children. I need to be local just in case something happens and I need to get to them quickly. When you open a retail business, especially a little boutique, location is everything. Problem is, the locations that are perfect for this type of business are 30-45 minutes away from where I live and where they go to school. So, we have a bit of a dilemma. We certainly have the cash flow to risk on prime rental space. We are willing to invest in the whole concept–start to finish. But, I can’t set up shop at these prime locations without sacrificing my proximity to the kids. Even the best spot up here is not as good as a mediocre spot on “Main St.” So, what to do? Do I wait some more until they are older? I told you I lose a little bit of myself every single day. Do I take a chance that my idea takes off in this area? There aren’t any other upscale retail consignment stores up here. Do I go to “Main St.” and cross my fingers that my children don’t ever get sick, forget something, or need me in a hurry? Do I let them get off the bus to a babysitter every day until I get home? I don’t know the answer, but I do know Walt Disney was right. The rub? Just because you know something is right doesn’t make it easy. Sorry for the rant today, but I just feel like women with children are at a disadvantage–especially in the business world. How do you achieve success in both the business world and the “mommy world”? Is it possible to strike a balance? Or do you need to sacrifice one to the other? If there are any mamas out there now who are doing it, I sure would appreciate your input. Happy Shopping:)