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I dug into the Hasbro family game stockpile yesterday! I’d had enough of either “breaking up a domestic” or staring at the tops of my kids’ heads as they Instagramed or texted on the iPods. They played everything from Trouble to Twister. I love that game. You can’t help but smile when you see the spinner with the pictures of hands and feet on it. It’s also amusing to watch people bend themselves into pretzels while trying not to fall. Olivia won all three games of Twister. She has an unfair advantage in that she is a gymnast. It’s easy for her to just back bend her way to “left hand on green.” Even Lola got in on the action!
I have to admit that it was nice to take a break from the merry-go-round of our hectic life and just “chill.” The kids didn’t play video games or iPads all day. Olivia and I enjoyed a game of Scrabble and we almost made it through a day…….almost. Around 4:00, it started. “I’m bored. Can we go buy a laptop? He’s bothering me. What can we dooooo?” I thought I was in for another two to three hours of this nonsense and then it came to me…the Y. There’s a brand new one a mile down the road. “Who wants to go swimming?”, I ask. “Oh, yeah”, they say and run upstairs to get bathing suits. Sometimes when you aren’t thinking constantly about something, the answer comes to you. Who knows, maybe this mini vacation from the business storefront will yield a fabulous idea. Meanwhile, happy shopping:)