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So, I went to the P.C Friars hockey game with the family last night. Great seats, kids are starting their vacation, hubby took Monday off… this should be great, right? Except, it’s not. We have a meeting tomorrow for a second showing on the property for the store. I can’t concentrate on the game, or the food, or the puck my son landed. I can only think about the mountain I will have to climb if this deal works out. On the one hand, this is a great deal in a great location with a guy who’s reallyimage willing to help. On the other hand, my degrees are in Education, not Business. Between my husband, who is a dentist in the town, and myself, who taught in this town, we pretty much know everybody here. It would be such a huge embarrassment if I didn’t make it. People will be talking, haters will be hating, and I’ll be depressed as Hell. How appropriate that I would think of Wayne Gretsky here. ” You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I was really hoping for inspiration. The game ended in a tie after overtime– it was obviously a good game, but I missed it because I wasn’t really there. Even the quote in the rink didn’t bring me inspiration. I hate losing, and I hate being unprepared. I have already done a zillion things, but how do you cram a degree in business into a one month time frame? Even for a fast learner it just isn’t possible. We’ll see what happens today at the showing- but this feels like a roller coaster & I hate roller coasters. Happy Shopping:)