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Sometimes, just when you’ve lost your faith in humanity, something happens and everything falls into place. I went to another showing today. I’ll be honest, I had very low expectations. My husband was able to come with me, but my agent could not be there today. The owner was there before us, he greeted us, and I immediately had a good feeling about him. My husband hit it off with him also. He is a complete gentleman and , honestly, one of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time. It was the exact opposite experience I had the other day with the “used car salesman.” My husband and I spent two hours there. We discussed the terms and looked at the space, obviously, but he gave us a background of the property and of himself and how he began in the business. We did not feel rushed and we did not feel pressured whatsoever. He wanted to get to know his potential tenant on a personal level. My only regret is that my agent could not be there. But, we are going back for a second showing which she will be attending, and I know she is going to get the same feeling we have. We are ready to sign on the dotted line. I am happy about that, trust me. But, I’m more happy in my heart that there really are still some good people left in this world. The only thing left to do is believe that I can really do this. Time for me to find my sign. “She believed she could so she did.” I just need to keep repeating this to myself.
Happy Shopping:)