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I’m not sure I like this business world industry. All of my background is in education and I taught school for a number of years before my children were born. It made sense to stay home and raise them rather than put them in daycare and go take care of other people’s kids. We were fortunate enough to be able to do it–I am well aware that there are many families who have no choice. Don’t get me wrong, I love this web boutique. I love watching this thing I created start to really take shape. I’m really looking forward to having a store to call my own. But, I’m beginning to think we teachers are a different breed. Yeah, there are always jackasses along the way, but, for the most part, we are a caring group, a nurturing group, a kind group. We really want our students and our peers to succeed and we try to make that happen on a daily basis. What I have found in my limited exposure to this new world is pretty much the exact opposite. It’s actually a little cutthroat, really. I’ll give you two examples(as if you even needed one).
Two times now, I have gone to look at potential space for lease. Two times now, someone has pulled the old “bait & switch”. Listen, I am not stupid and I hate liars. You own the property. You know the terms of your property leases. Please don’t insult me by saying stupid things like you don’t know the exact price per square foot. Please don’t further insult me by telling me it is a one year lease, then texting my agent the next day and saying you were mistaken and it is really a three year lease.
Ok, next example. This one is the “good ‘ole boys” mentality. I hate this one even more! First, don’t lead me to believe that the space we are talking about is “here” and then when we get to the property, it is really “there”–you know, the crappy spot. Oh, you can have the good one…..it’ll cost you three times as much and the lease will be three times as long. Oh, and there’s an extra (large) monthly fee for snow plowing and grass cutting. Really? Ok, because it might snow about fives per season and there is not one, Not One, blade of grass on this entire property. Then, we go in for the kill with the whole,”act now because these units won’t last.” Really? Have you looked at any street lately? There are spaces for lease literally every 500 feet. You sound like a used car salesman. Inside joke, folks. Just because I’m a woman, you are not going to intimidate me. Actually, I told him exactly that. Of course, he denied he was trying to do so. And, then, later I thought if I sign with these people, when my lease is up in a year, what’s to stop them from tripling the price and backing me into a corner? Nothing….oh yeah, that’s where the Integrity part comes in. I feel like Billy Joel singing about “honesty”!
Maybe it was just a bad day. Maybe it was just a coincidence. Maybe they aren’t all jerks. At least that is what I’m hoping, because if this is what it’s like, I might as well just stay online…..or teach:)
Happy Shopping:)