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Finding the right location for this store is really just the beginning. Let me explain.
When I taught school, I took the curriculum for the year and compartmentalized it. I taught it in sequenced blocks throughout the year. Kids absorbed the material (or not) then we moved on. In September, I was always overwhelmed by having to cover so much material in such a short span of time. But, somehow, by careful planning and strategic teaching, material was covered and goals were accomplished by June. The course work for the year had been broken down, taught in increments, and students moved on (or not). “Where is she going with this story?”, you are asking yourselves.
Ok, this “opening a business” process is much like a curriculum. Certain things need to be done at certain times in order for me, the “student”, to move on. When I was teaching, I knew what I was doing. I knew my material, my administration, my report card/record keeping–OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I was in my element….after the first year. At the beginning, I would come home and cry every night, question myself, and doubt myself–pretty much what I am doing now. You see, my brain knows that contracts, permits, cash registers, mannequins, shelving, and software will be learned at the appropriate increment in time. My emotional side, however, has a mind of its own. It is crying, questioning and doubting–just like my first year teaching. It is just so incredibly complicated and overwhelming when you think about what needs to be done just to get up and running. And, my background is in education, not business management. I hope this end result becomes as natural as teaching–and writing for that matter-because once I was in a “groove”, it was smooth sailing all the way. My brain knows that I am blessed with amazing people in my life who are there to help me and guide me through this process. My heart is also well aware of the aforementioned fact. Now, if I could just find a way to keep those emotions in check…….Happy Shopping:)