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Alas, my dreamweaver, Ben, from Facebook will be setting me free soon. See, you only get support for a few weeks and then you are on your own. “I can’t do this by myself!”, I say. I am frantic. He brings me to my ads manager page. He tells me that my campaign is not only one of the best, but the best he’s seen-statistically- in a long time. He talks about click through rates and a bunch of other data that makes sense while we are on the phone staring at the same screen, then disappears once we hang up.. Then he says that he has corporations who spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per month and don’t get this type of click ratio. ” You are doing fantastic.”, he assures me. “You can do this. You are already doing it. You are going to be fine. You got this.” I am flattered at the confidence but also scared out of my mind. I also look ahead to my own store. I can see the same thing happening on that level. Then, I look at my green stretched canvas with brown letters. I keep it on my desk next to my computer. I look at it often. Now, it is time to believe the words that are written there. If I have confidence that I can do this, I may actually be able to pull this all together. Somewhere inside, I know I can. I have to learn how to turn off that self doubt that creeps in at the most inconvenient times. I’ve made a deal with myself. I’m taking that canvas with me wherever I go in my house. I will move it from room to room if I have to but I will refer to it often. I am also writing it on my phone–and on my Facebook Page. All data points to success here – I just need to start believing it. Then, I promise, I will have that tiny canvas made ten times larger (in my color scheme of course) and placed right on the center wall of my store. ” she believed she could so she did .” Happy Shopping:)