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In case you aren’t from New England, we had a blizzard here that dumped at least two feet of snow here this weekend. So, our family did the usual yelling, fighting, getting on each other’s nerves kind of thing. After we came to terms with the fact that we are stuck with each other for better or worse this weekend, things calmed down a tad. The kids played in the snow, Lola frolicked in the drifts-even though I broke my back shovelling a path for her. I had to blow dry the balls of snow that stuck to her fur which led to me mopping up puddles of water all over the bathroom and kitchen. Larry took care of cleaning off the cars & the front steps(God forbid the plow guy would actually get out & do it). I caught up on some laundry, added some items to the store, and processed a couple of orders. In the midst of chocolate chip cookies and hot chocolate, and of course, building a snowman, the kids decided to play Chess. Yes, they know how to play- I love Chess & I taught them and they took an eight week class to learn it last year. They like it, but they are usually too busy to play. I was happy they decided to play, but I noticed something right away I as was passing the counter with a basket of laundry. Grayson was saying, “Don’t rush me. I need to see this move plus your next move in my mind.” Olivia was impatient. “Mom, he’s taking 20 years to make one move.” “You can ‘t rush him.”, I said. ” You need to let him process the next few moves in his head. You should do the same.” Needless to say, Grayson won that game. He won because he didn’t let her intimidate him with her badgering. He anticipated the next couple of moves and was able to stay ahead. He wasn’t caught off guard.
I decided that will be my attitude with this store . I will not be rushed. I’m going to look at some spaces for lease on Monday. They may be great or they may stink. One of them may even be “the one.” But, I won’t be intimidated. I won’t be pressured, and I won’t be rushed. My real estate agent and I go way back and I trust her. She’s a straight shooter and that is a huge help. But, I won’t be pushed around by the other side or anyone else for that matter. I will look two moves ahead so I can see myself there. I won’t get caught off guard. I learned a lot by walking by that Chess game this morning. I learned that my counter is a mess, my laundry is overtaking me, and my kids will fight over just about anything in the world! But, I also learned about strategic thinking and how to apply it as I’m looking for the perfect property for my store. So, for as hard a time as they give me, my kids teach me about life in ways I never would have imagined. Happy Shopping:)