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There is a gymnastics competition coming up soon in Winchester, Ma. It’s roughly an hour and a half away from where we live. The competition is on a Friday morning. The warm-up stretch begins at 7:45am. That means that Olivia would need to be there by 7:30. We would need to leave my house no later than 6am. Now, it is during February vacation, so she would not miss school. However, we can’t go to this meet. We can’t go because my husband cannot cancel a day’s worth of patients. Also, I have no one to take care of the puppy all day long and she can’t stay in a crate for 12 hours. And, it isn’t fair to Grayson. If you are unfamiliar with gymnastics, a typical meet lasts around 4 hours from start to finish. He is good when the meets are local. It is too much stress for him (and me) to expect him to get up at 5am and sit all day in a strange place and behave appropriately. Also, I don’t feel comfortable driving that far alone with my two kids. I explained this to Olivia and, while she felt bad, she understood that I just can’t do it alone. Wait a second–that is the answer to all those questions I had in Tuesday’s days post. I can’t do it alone. I will need help (you can stop with the sarcastic thoughts now sillies–we already know I need THAT kind of help).Remember yesterday’s post when I was talking about Steve Job’s graduation speech? He was talking about following your heart and intuition because they already know what you want to become. The very next line of that text is,”Everything else is secondary.” Maybe those issues about childcare and store managing and life living are the “secondary” things to which he was referring–the details, if you will, that need to be ironed out before I begin. I am good at this web boutique. I am passionate about it. My husband is back to being supportive(just a bad day). He thinks it is a good idea but he’s just a little nervous like I am–to be expected I guess. He has been telling me, after all, for five years to open a consignment shop. So, maybe I just need some help. Maybe my loved ones can help me with the kids. Maybe my babysitter wants to pick up a few more hours. Maybe the cleaning people can come more often. Maybe, with a little help, I can make this transition.
I just better not become Babu Bhatt. When he changed his restaurant from American to Pakistani, “nobody came.” Then, my friends, Larry will be a very, very bad man. Can you see the index finger waving back and forth ? Happy Shopping:)