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I Got All My Sisters With Me (and my brother)
So, I’m listening to my itunes yesterday as I’m doing 47 things at once and “We Are Family” starts playing on the shuffle. I immediately laugh and I am transformed back in time to my aunt Betty’s house. I am 7 and I am in her basement with my sisters and my cousins, Lori & Susan, and we are singing that song and dancing away without a care in the world…..good times. And, then, it hits me. Since I talked about the three men I admire most the other day, isn’t it only fitting to discuss the most influential women in my life as well? Methinks it is. Now, I will tell you about the women in my life as they relate to this journey on which I am traveling.
First, there’s Mom. I cannot remember an instance in which she did not support me. From the time she stopped the car in the middle of the school pick-up line to yell at Vince Lombardi because he said something fresh to me, to taking me to every doctor’s appointment and staying up with me all night long when I couldn’t breathe (I was really ill as a kid), to being an absolutely solid foundation of support during my personal struggles(of which I refuse to waste space discussing). There truly are not adequate words to describe her positive influence in my life and her unwavering support of all my(sometimes stupid) decisions. “For that, I serve you.”
I have to group my three sisters into one because you would still be reading this post next Christmas if I did not do so. They are, without a doubt, my best friends and my biggest cheerleaders. Never, and I mean Never, in 41 years, has Any of them let me down. I will just say a sentence or two about each one.
Lisa is my solid ground. She tells it straight and not just the words I want to hear. She has helped shape the woman I have become. She is the go-to problem solver, helper-outer, problem-fixer. She will do whatever she can to help you in whatever way she can help you do it.
Robyn is next. She is strong, brave, and tough(believe me, you don’t want to mess with her–just ask Linda). She is also gentle, kind, and generous. She will go out of her way to help you if there is anything you need–even if it is just to listen to you rant(which I do often).
Lynn, well, she’s my other half. We say when we look in the mirror, we see each other. We are like twins in a way–our hearts and brains are kind of in sync. She has been with me through it all and has never once made me feel like an inconvenience–even with her hectic schedule.
I simply cannot imagine my life without any of them. “For that, I need you.”
Finally, we come to my daughter, Olivia. She wants to be me when she grows up. Why–I have no idea but she does so we’ll just go with it. Her insight into life is greater than her years. She has more wisdom than some 40 year olds I know and I am really not kidding you! She is supportive of my decisions. She’s proud of my accomplishments. She praises me for trying law school. She loves my store and the items in it. She constantly compliments me on my designs, my color schemes, my business cards, my displays, and my ideas. She’s thrilled that I may be opening a physical storefront. And now, I kid you not, she is taking orders at school so she can make people bead bracelets, friendship bracelets, and duck tape rings. “For that, I thank you.”
And, there you have it. The most influential women in my life. The women I live for and the women I’d lay down my life for. As they all tell me,”Have faith in you and the things you do-you won’t go wrong,” I will now tell them ,”For taking and for giving and for playing the game. For praying for my future and the days that remain. Oh, Lord,For that, I LOVE YOU!!!” Happy Shopping πŸ™‚