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I hear these words twice a week from Jillian Michaels as I attempt my “warrior two” yoga pose. I still smile every time she says it. Half of me smiles because I really am into working out, health and fitness and I love the challenge of a new routine. I believe in the mantra that says if it’s not burning then it’s not working. The other half of me smiles because if you’ve ever done yoga then you know at some point in the routine you WILL end up on your bum. I have been working out five days a week every week for 22 years and yoga is definitely uncomfortable- especially Jillian style.
But, her words really hit home this week. I didn’t smile this time when she said it. Instead I thought about it in terms of my new journey. Every single aspect of this new business is new to me. I realized very quickly( while falling on my bum trying to get into warrior three-which is much harder than warrior two) that I had better start getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable and uneasy about this store… I need to start to make decisions that I know might not be the greatest. I need to make choices that may turn out to be wrong. I need to be able to make the best choices I can without knowing the outcome. In other words, I need to get comfortable with the fact that I might(and probably will) fall on my bum a few times before I really get this store going in full swing.
My first print ad came out today in my local community paper. I think it looks fabulous. I know there will be a lot more traffic because of the ad. It is also close to Valentine’s Day which is a big “gift” centered holiday.
So,there are several categories you can click on at the site to look at various items for sale, but as the site manager, you have to choose a few specific items to showcase on the front page. I almost had a nervous breakdown trying to decide which items out of 600 I should showcase on that front page. I was “freakin’ out” in Seinfeld speak. But, I figured I’d better start getting comfortable feeling uncomfortable and I just made my decision- knowing so many more people will be checking it out now because of the ad. And, you know what, when I think about it in those terms, it makes me feel calmer. I picked a beautiful women’s watch as my first item. It’s really pretty with a white strap and different sized silver hearts in the face. Within the hearts are these beautiful pink crystals that move around the inside of the face but don’t interfere with the hands. I feel good about my choice. People might not like it- they might not buy it- this may, in fact, turn into the dreaded “urban sombrero” debac
My Cover Choice

My Cover Choice

le on the cover of the J. Peterman catalogue (another Seinfeld reference, I know) but, I will learn. If it doesn’t work, I will get up off my bum and try again. I will get as comfortable being uncomfortable in this “world” as I am in my workout “world”.
As long as I don’t put the “manzierre” on the cover, I think I might be in good shape. Happy Shopping:)