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If you have any doubt, I am here to say that there are still good people in this world. Yes, they have a job to do, but they go that extra mile, just because they really want to help you–they aren’t being paid any extra. This morning, I am going to share a few examples with you in case you still don’t believe me.
First, there’s my Facebook Ads Manager. We’ve already talked about how he is my dreamweaver. He is extremely patient, kind, and really wants to help me succeed. This guy knows I have a VERY limited budget and yet he takes the time to think of ways to stretch that advertising dollar.
Then, there is the Print Ad lady at the Breeze. When I walked in, she could see that I truly had no idea what I was doing or what I was talking about! She could have swindled me into spending hundreds more dollars, but instead she sat with me for over an hour to help me figure out the best space to use, where to place it, and how to word it in order to get the most visibility.
There is the Credit Manager. Yes, I know what you are thinking, but my credit is less than stellar because of stuff that happened when I was like 27 or something (they go WAAYYY back). He really spent time listening to my story and trying to figure out a way to get around the snafu so that I could at least try to build a tiny amount of business credit. I know that was his job, but he was really patient and understanding.
Next, comes the Cable company. I know, right? But, seriously, my box was acting funky, so I called. When they re-set your box, sometimes it takes about 15 minutes. Usually they either put you on hold or there is dead silence while they sit there and stare at their computer screen. He made pleasant conversation the whole time. He told me all about the snow in Cleveland, his two year old son and his military service. He also stayed on the line for five extra minutes after the box was set just to make sure it continued working.
The Vista Print lady was also fantastic. She actually went on the site when I was ordering some labels. “Wow”, she said, “I love this stuff!” She helped me put together a package that actually ended up costing me less than I originally anticipated because of some suggestions she made.
The girl who opened my business account at the bank was an absolute doll. She also knew I was clueless. She did not try to sell me anything I didn’t need, she explained everything in great detail, and then she said, “Leave me the card and I’ll pass it out.” “I love when women succeed and I think you have a great idea.” I didn’t have cards yet. “That’s ok'” she said, “write the web address down and I’ll pass it around.”
Then, there are my friends who “Like” my page to promote it. There’s nothing in it for them–just helping out a friend. I have friends passing out business cards–again, nothing to gain for themselves, just helping someone out. Even those “friends of friends” who see a page and like it to help someone out.
And, now, the absolute sweetest example of all. This one melts my heart. My niece, Kaitlyn, is a Freshman in high school. They are learning the term “assonance” in Literature. (No, it is not a derogatory term for something stupid your husband did last week) Quick refresher–assonance is the repetition of identical or similar vowel sounds in neighboring words. Here’s an example,”The rain in Spain falls mostly in the plain.”
So, Kaitlyn stood up and used my store as an example. She said, “My aunt’s store is ‘My Upscale Garage Sale’. It’s an example of assonance and it’s an online store and she sells beautiful stuff-you should go on it.” I cannot adequately put into words what I felt when my sister told me that. That this young girl would think of me -during Lit Class no less-and say something so nice and sweet.
All of these examples are of people who want nothing in return. They are just paying it forward, so to speak. They are just good people doing good things.
Sometimes, kind souls just want you to reach your goals.
Isn’t is grand when people lend a hand
Without expecting anything in return
Except, maybe, just to help you learn?
Ahh….almost makes me want to go back to Lit. Class….Almost. Happy Shopping:)