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IMG_3206Some comedian made this joke years ago on one of those HBO specials. I thought it was hysterical then and I still do—never thought it would apply to my life though…ever. I’ll explain.
You all know I went to college for Education, so this “business” thing is all new to me. I’m having trouble figuring out how to advertise and market an online store-I’m kind of lost. But, my Facebook Ads guy (who is now my dreamweaver) is the kindest, most patient person I think I’ve ever met(at least over the phone). He is extremely helpful and patient. He also does a wonderful job explaining the way advertising works in general. Talking with him is like getting a mini crash course in advertising. Anyway, I was thinking that I shouldn’t just advertise in one place. So, I asked hubby if maybe I should advertise in the local papers or smaller publications or the back of church bulletins. He was very strong in his opinion to just focus one -just one form of advertising right now and keep it at Facebook because it reaches literally millions of people. “STAY FOCUSED ON ONE THING AT A TIME”, he practically shouted. “You are getting ahead of yourself. See where this goes after you have your weekly meeting, then re-evaluate.” That made sense to me, of course it would have made the same amount of sense had he not shouted it, but that’s a whole other story, ladies and gentlemen.
The VERY next thing out of his mouth? Wait for it…..”Ya know, you should probably do consignment.” Huh? What? Excuse me? Did he not just practically scream at me to stay focused on one thing at a time? Then, with that logic, I should stay focused on one kind of store–an online upscale “thrift” store–which is NOT consignment. It is just what it says it is-some new things–some gently used things-but things I have chosen–my inventory. Consignment is a little different. With that logic, he may have said, focus on this now and if it works, then maybe accept consignment. But, no. It went from “Focus one ONE thing at a time” to “You should do more than one thing at a time” in literally two minutes.
Based on our detailed conversation about advertising, and the immediate follow -up suggestion about the store takes me back to that funny quote I never imagined would apply to me. After talking to my husband, 2 + 2= Chair.
Happy Shopping:)