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Sometimes, we envy people who appear to have it all. “You have everything.”, they say. They think because you live in a nice house, have a good husband and healthy children you should wake up every day doing the wave or something. In some aspects, they have a point. Life is so much harder when you are struggling to make ends meet, or have a sick child, or if you are a single parent. I get it. But, my point, I guess is that even if you have all the proverbial great things, you can still feel unhappy. So, the standard response is usually to go to counseling. Something must be wrong with you, people figure. Again, I get it. Sometimes , that is true. But, what if you are just looking for something to fulfill you? I’ve already told you I taught high school before my kids were born. I loved it and I know I made a difference in my students’ lives. I even had two of them become high school teachers themselves –they later told me I inspired them. That was a fulfilling time in my life. Then, the kids were born and I stayed home to raise them. Now, they are a bit older. As much as I loved teaching, it was a chapter in my life that is closed now. But, like I’ve said to you before, I need something for me–something that’s mine.
My husband, as much as I love him, sometimes doesn’t get it. ” Why don’t you go into insurance or accounting “, he said. “Because I have no interest.”, I replied. “But there’s money to be made there. Even if you stayed in law school, we could have hired a nanny–there’s money to be made there, too.”
I am incredibly blessed and grateful that his position allows us to live comfortably and that I can stay home with my kids. But,and I can’t stress this to you enough, Money Doesn’t Equal Happiness! You have to find something that you love to do. My husband still loves his job-after 40 years-that’s admirable. This store makes my heart happy in a way that I didn’t even know existed-and I can still be there for my kids after school. I absolutely love everything about it. I created it, I built it, I work on it every day and it brings me fulfillment. I haven’t sold one item yet. That’s o.k. Odds are, I won’t make the money my husband makes, but that’s o.k. I finally feel like I have found what I’m supposed to be doing–and it brings me happiness (separate from my husband and the kids). And, folks, I am here to tell you that all the money in the world can’t buy you that.
Happy Shopping:)