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My daughter is a gymnast. She practices six hours a week and sometimes nine hours a week. A lot for a nine year old, I know, but she loves it and she’s good at it. We don’t have discussions about technical moves and routines, but we do talk about her feelings behind them and gymnastics in general.
One thing I ALWAYS tell her is that I know how demanding the sport is, and the minute she tells me she doesn’t want to do it anymore, then she’s done and it’s ok.
She’s been having a sticking point in her balance beam routine. See, she’s great at the current one, but they added a cartimageimagewheel this year. “But, Mom, I’m scared. What if I fall?” I thought about that quote in the title. I don’t remember who said or where I heard it, but it was so fitting. “You can be perfect at your current routine, but if you don’t try it, how will you know how great you could be? , I said. “Life is about risks, you need to take them. If you fall then you just try again next time.” She tried. She fell…..at the first competition. But, she stuck it at the next one and placed 2nd Overall-not bad! So, when I was starting my business, she came to me. She said to remember what I told her about the cartwheel. She’s right. I could sit here and coast, but what if this store takes off? What if I could have my moment? My own shop? If I “fall off the beam”, I will reflect & see what I can do better. If I fall & can’t get up…well, I won’t press the life alert button but I will hold my head high and say that I tried. I know the haters will be hating and laughing at me and doing the talking behind my back “I knew she wouldn’t make it” kind of thing, but I don’t care and I don’t have time for it. Anyway, my family mantra is “I WILL” , not “I CAN’T” Happy shopping.