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There’s this funny scene from “Mrs. Doubtfire” where Robin Williams gets a job shipping film rolls or some such thing. His new boss tells him exactly that….,”You pack ’em… You ship ’em.” Sounds simple enough, right? Except when you sell a variety of items in all shapes and sizes. “I’m totally lost!”, I lamented to my husband. Thankfully, he’d never seen the movie, so he didn’t give me that advice. Instead, he brought me home a U-Line catalogue. Oh my God, now I’m more confused than ever. I have never seen so many different sizes and configurations of boxes in my life. Not to mention I had no idea so many different kinds of peanuts, bubble wrap, paper liners and other product protectors even existed! And, then there’s the personalized section where you get little bags and tissue paper and stickers with your company’s name on them. Oh, and did I mention you need to order a minimum of like 147 of each product πŸ™‚ Cool if you are Macy’s….not so much if you are little old me. Plus, I sell a variety of products which would require different size shipping boxes.
So, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to buy a few different size boxes and some bubble mailers. I also ordered some thank you postcards to include in the box with my packing slip(which should be here any day) If my husband weren’t our only source of income right now, I’d give him the “pack ’em…ship ’em” job.
Someday, I will order cute little personalized products, but, right now, it’ll have to be plain white. Oh, and if hubby criticizes instead of praises, I do have plenty of packing tape which would fit nicely over his mouth =) Happy Shopping.