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So, I signed up with the most popular social media tool for advertising because my business is online and that’s the most efficient way to reach thousands of people around the country. Direct mailing makes no sense since I have no physical store(yet) and plus it is cost prohibitive. All those beautiful color postcards and brochures and catalogues you receive every day cost literally thousands and thousands of dollars! So, I signed up and I signed up for some ad words too, which I cancelled in a day because I couldn’t figure out how to use it.
Back to the most popular social network. I don’t know if I’m allowed to say the name here, but imageyou all know to whom I’m referring. I signed up for ads & created some cool ones. All of a sudden thousands, and I mean like almost 50,000 people saw my ads in 2 days. “Wow”, I thought! This is phenomenal. All these new people Liking and clicking and commenting. Then, I got my billing statement, which I thought was odd since I’ve only been open for like four days. I looked at the bill, ” That’s not bad.”, I thought….until I looked at the dates. That bill was for ONE day !!! Every time I posted something they charged me….the maximum amount per day. I sent an email right away to help me get on a reasonable plan otherwise I’m done before I even start! Oh, well, it’s all a learning experience and I have a nice husband (sometimes) who understands the mistakes you make when you are first starting out. We’ll see how long it takes someone to help me lower my budget- not nearly as easy as when you want to spend money, I’ll bet. Until then, we’ll just have Ritz crackers and peanut butter., I guess…..I’m kidding. Happy Shopping:)