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It often amazes me how people can say the same thing to you over and over again with slight variations but their words never really sink in your head.  I’ll give you an example.  I’ve been searching for something fulfilling for so long now.  I loved teaching while I did it but it’s a chapter in my life that’s finished.  I love my family to no end but I want to have an identity of my own– not just someone’s mother or wife.  On the outside, it appeared I had everything- a nice husband,two beautiful children, a lovely home; in other words, the perfect life. So how come I was so unhappy? One night, I was having a long conversation with my brother-in-law. After listening to me drone on and on about my misery, he said something no one had ever said. First, he said, “What do YOU want to do?” I said, “I don’t know” (even though I kind of did) Then he gave me the oddest analogy I have ever heard. He said, ” If you were in the street and the sewer broke and took you downstream, you’d find yourself sitting on a pile of poop. You’d have to move.” “That’s kind of where you are right now.” “So, where are you going to go?”
I laughed, but it affected me in a way that I can not adequately explain. Everyone had kind of been making suggestions, but after that conversation, I moved! Who knew a poop analagy would change my life LOL! After that conversation, I listened to my heart which told me to start this business. I went to the bank, applied for a credit card , and started building my store. I still have so, so far to go, but I’m moving and that’s the important thing. Today will be like yesterday. I will be feverishly adding new products to the store & taking care of my kids. But, there is a spark of fulfillment and happiness that is starting to grow inside me and it feels good. Thanks, Michael. You inspired me and I love you for it.
Happy Shopping 🙂